VicoVation Vico Opia2With the powerful Ambarella A12 processor, Vico-Opia2 delivers footage that's s..
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IROAD V9 16GB VERSION2/ 2016 RELEASE + WI-FI DONGLESpecificationResolution/Frame    2..
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£210.00 £199.00
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DOD LS470W+ PLUS GPSEmbrace the lifelike and stunning video quality of the DOD LS470W+. Featuring a ..
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EX-DEMO DOD LS460WFeatures    The first Car DVR built with SONY exclusively designed ..
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VicoVation Vico Marcus4 EZ (2016 Release) + GPSThe VicoVation Vico-Marcus4 uses it's Ambarella A7 ..
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Pre-owned Vico-Marcus 2Vico-Marcus 2 applies Ambarella new High-end A7 main-chip and new high-end CM..
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Mio MiVue 338 8GBThe most advanced in-vehicle digital video recorderThe MiVue™ 338 is the most advan..
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IROAD IONE-3800FU 16GB + GPSOverview Iroad Ione-3800FU is a popular driving recorder with FULL HD re..
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IROAD IONE-3800FU 16GB + POWER LINKERSIROAD IONE-3800FU 16GB Overview Iroad Ione-3800FU is a popular..
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IROAD IONE-3800FU 16GBOverview Iroad Ione-3800FU is a popular driving recorder with FULL HD resoluti..
£140.00 £59.00
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VicoVation Vico Marcus4 EZ (2016 Release)The VicoVation Vico-Marcus4 uses it's Ambarella A7 chip a..
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  Cowon AE1 8GB  Item Category Specification  General C..
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High Quality VideosDR3500 FHD allows you to check the most accurate videos through-• Full HD (1920×1..
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BlackVue DR3500-FHD 16GB +GPSHigh Quality VideosDR3500 FHD allows you to check the most accurate vid..
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BlackVue DR650GW 1CH 16GBFront DashcamFull 1080p Front cameraWifi Connection to smartphoneSony CMOS ..
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Transcend DrivePro 100 16GBDay or night, the DrivePro 100 Car Video Recorder is your most reliable e..
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Transcend DrivePro 220 16GBDay or night, Transcend's DrivePro 220 Car Video Recorder is your most re..
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Transcend DrivePro 520 32GBFor those who extremely care about the road and personal safety, the Dr..
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Garmin Dash Cam 30 4GBGarmin Dash Cam™ 30 and 35 are high-definition, standalone driving recorders t..
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Garmin DashCam 35 4GBGarmin Dash Cam™ 30 and 35 are high-definition, standalone driving recorders th..
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Cowon AK1 8GBCowon Auto Capsule AK1 8GB - Crystal clear real HD recording at 30fps.Features &nb..
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KOONLUNG C81 GPS Features    HDR - High Dynamic Range. Special feature for OV4689 sen..
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Panorama IISFeatures- FULL HD Resolution 1920x1080 @30fps- 2.7'' touchscreen LCD-  Codec H.264 ..
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DOD Champion SP1Features    The first Car DVR built with SONY exclusively designed se..
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BlackVue DR750LW-2CH 16GBBlackVue DR750LW is the top of the range 2-Channel dashcam. Both front an..
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BlackVue DR750LW-2CH 16GB + GPSBlackVue DR750LW-2CH + GPS is the top of the range 2-Channel dashca..
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Cowon AN2 16GBAuto Capsule AN2 is a 2 channel Front Full HD + Rear HD Black Box with LCD screen made..
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Cowon AW2 32GB (16GB+16GB)     ..
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Cowon AW2 32GB (16GB+16GB) + GPS ..
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Cowon AW2 32GB (16GB+16GB) + Uninterruptible Power Cable..
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IROAD V7 16GB PRODUCT FEATURES:- Two Chanel Front & Rear HD Camera 1280x720@30fps- Front Camera ..
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IROAD V7 16GB + WI-FI DONGLEPRODUCT FEATURES:- Two Chanel Front & Rear HD Camera 1280x720@30fps-..
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This camera is awesome. I copes really well changes of light (including tunnels), and the clarity of the video is sharp and well contrasted. Having a higher ISO rating is very useful for those dusk and night time videos that will find out lesser cameras every time. The menu system is intuitive and very simple to set-up for use. I have used for a good few longer journeys now, and the camera is faultless upon review. I had a suicidal pedestrian run out in front of the car, and the subsequent argument was terminated with the evidence in hand! So, it's already paid for itself potentially. I like the option of a fixed and suction mount being supplied as standard. They are both good quality. The suction one has a black sucker, which makes this less conspicuous than the clear versions used on other products. The field of view is about right. Not too much of the fish eye distortion higher degree angles can cause.
- Mark
GOOOOD!The wifi is a really good feature so when you download the app you can view the recordings straight away and delete the ones you don't need.
- E.E.Walker
Installed and updated FW,all went well. Got wifi to setup with Ipad and Android phone with no problems. Still playing with settings...
I've only had my WF1 for 2 days but so far so good! Latest firmware let me mute the LED blink and voices. The Adhesive mount is MUCH better than the large suction cup mount of course. It blends perfectly behind my mirror dead center.
- JazJon
Ein top Produkt zum fairen Preis. Sehr schnelle und zuverlässige Lieferung. Gerne wieder. Alles Bestens!!!
- Buka
Thank you. High quality product
- buddy30
Tutto OK!
- Lupkik
Good: - Camara recording is true full HD at 1920x1080. - Lens is in good quality to line up with the resolution - Recording quality is substantially better than my other cameras (X6000), especially at night - It is really wide angle, much wider than my other camera (X6000) - App provided many options to setup the camera. - Firmware update is quite often and each update provides some more options in the menu.
- huo
alles bestens, danke
- Redeman
Gone up by £15 since techmoans review. This used to be £205
- Smith
good price..quick delivery..highly recommended
- cyber-men
See 'techmoan's' review on U-tube. It says it all really. This is a really good bit of kit.
- Lester
I got this after reading internet reviews.Great product, easy to use great results
- Loman
Easy to set up. Works well. Playback is good , with registration numbers and movement of other traffic clearly visible.
Does what it says, sturdy windscreen mount, very long power lead, GREAT picture quality, small & unobtrusive, easy to use!
- Derek
Amazing bit of kit, secures to the windscreen well and works pretty much straight out of the box, easy to set up and working through the menu is easy.Well worth the money and I'm very pleased with my purchase and glad I didn't pay a lot more for another model which I was considering.
- David
Extreme Full HD Cam!I t's a really good little product from Vico!
- B.Stuasrt
Exactly what I needed perfect for the job. Fantastic product. The playback is very clear. Would recommend.
- CarAdv
This car Camera is excellent value at this price.
- Colin