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BugHunter BDA-2

i4Technology Microphone suppressor BugHunter BDA-2Package contents: Microphone suppressor BugHunter BDA-2; English manual; warranty card; package.Microphone suppressor BugHunter BDA-2 is packed with EU plug. English Manual (hardcopy & pdf). VAT, UK stock, Official Distributor, International Delivery...

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BugHunter BDA-3

i4Technology Microphone suppressor BugHunter BDA-3Package contents: Microphone suppressor BugHunter BDA-3; English manual; warranty card; package.Microphone suppressor BugHunter BDA-3 is packed with EU plug. English Manual (hardcopy & pdf). VAT, UK stock, Official Distributor, International Delivery...

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BugHunter BH-03 Expert

i4Technology Signal detector BugHunter BH-03 ExpertPackage contents: Signal detector BugHunter BH-03 Expert; English manual; warranty card; package.Signal detector BugHunter BH-03 Expert is packed with EU plug. English Manual (hardcopy & pdf). VAT, UK stock, Official Distributor, International Delivery.PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONNew "expert" modification of professional bug detector "BugHunter Professional BH-03" received built-in frequency meter, that allows to determine frequency of found "bugs" and an updated filtering system. Device still operates in a wide range of 10-3500 MHz and makes a fast SIMULTANEOUS search of digital and analog bugs. Supports 5 modes of operation.Professional RF detector "BugHunter Professional BH-03" is now even better!We present to you new modification of our best bug detector "BugHunter Professional BH-03 Expert". New device not only detects all known spyware but also provides user with detailed information about found signals and allows to adjust the search parameters to a specific situation.The device is designed for experts in the field of industrial, political and business counter-intelligence activities, it makes their job quicker and more efficient. Besides, it suits those who are not tech-savvy because its operation is very comprehensive, one can search "bugs" with one touch! It is very handy and convenient with a weight of only 110 grams (3.9 oz).Key specifications:Built-in frequency meter automatically detects and displays an operating frequency of the detected bug. It allows BugHunter Professional BH-03 Expert to quickly identify the type of the bug and its location in the room. The system recognises all the most common frequencies:GPRS, EDGE, 3G\4G (cellular communication and data transmitting);DECT (cell phones and radio modules of DECT standard);DECT BASE (base stations of DECT standard);BLUETOOTH (radio modules of BLUETOOTH standard);WLAN (wireless network such as Wi-Fi, Zigbee, LoRA etc.).Updated system of noise filtering. Due to built-in frequency meter the device automatically determines which filters should be enabled for more effective "bug" detecting in a certain location, and display the corresponding information on the screen.BugHunter Professional BH-03 Expert finds all spyware that works In a 10-3500 MHz rangeMain advantages:1. Fast search bugs at a touch.  Thanks to improved ergonomics and modernised construction "BugHunter Professional BH-03 Expert" is one of the most technological and fast bug detectors on the market. It can find the "bug" in just a few seconds!2. Detection of digital and analog bugs simultaneously without settings and switching to different operating modes. "BH-03" model was built around a fast microprocessor, that allows it to find even the most modern digital and analog spyware (for example ones that transmit information via short impulses and remain "invisible" to most bug detectors). What is especially important is that search of both kinds of bugs is made  SIMULTANEOUSLY – it makes the search even faster, makes it easier to use the device and increases it effectiveness.3. Filters out interference, device has built-in GSM, 3G, 4G, CDMA and Wi-Fi filter. If the environment has some sort of extraneous background frequencies that interfere to search – just filter them out. Unique!4. Visual multi-colour OLED display which shows all the necessary information: type or frequency of the received signal (analog and digital at the same time). It allows being in complete control of the situation at any time. Unique!5. Coverage of the ENTIRE frequency range that most of the wireless bugs use (10-3500 MHz). Even further expansion of range would increase the chance of lowering the sensitivity on some of the frequency. Some devices claim to have a frequency range of 5000 MHz or even 7000 MHz but in reality these giant values exist only for marketing purposes, in practice these devices have uneven sensitivity and can’t be relied on. We made sure during the development of "BugHunter Professional BH-03" that it would work with 100% efficiency on all of the frequency range.6. Registration of high dynamic range (70 dB). For example BugHunter BH-02 which holds a leading position among similar devices for wide dynamic range and is considered one of the most efficient and sensitive has only 48 dB. The higher the dynamic range is, the better is the detection of devices with very high and very low power radio transmissions. This is very important in difficult conditions when there are both powerful signal sources (cellular phones) and weak signal sources (almost all types of bugs). Detector with high dynamic range will not read off scale and will find hidden bugs against a backdrop of cellular signal."BugHunter Professional BH-03 Expert" has all of the advantages of its predecessors- Exact match of stated parameters. We guarantee that our device is a 100% match to a stated parameters- High quality components. Device was built from high quality components from a European manufacturers.- Stable detection on all frequencies. Thanks to innovative technologies our bug detector has equally high sensitivity throughout claimed frequency range.- High sensitivity – 50 mV/m. It is very high because only professional detectors, like "BugHunter Professional BH-02" have this level of sensitivity. Standard radio bug with 5 mVt power can be detected from 5 meters and a powerful cellphone signal from 50 meters.- Automatic adjustment to a background level of interference allows device to ignore the signals from a regular electronics and detect only signals that belong to spyware.- Vibration signal (can be disabled) and an option to connect headphones for a discreet notification allows you to be aware of your situations without alerting the people around you.- Universal power circuit. Device can operate on a regular as well as on a rechargeable batteries. Special indicator informs you about charge level and automatic cutoff feature for saving energy.Detects almost any spyware:wireless bugs;cellphones and radios in operation;wireless microphones;wireless videocameras;cellphone jammers;Too much interference? For fast search enable filtersModern city has a lot of different signals: cell towers, radio stations, wireless internet. Most detectors cant work in this environment. To solve this issue "BugHunter Professional BH-03 Expert" has a filter system of most popular types of signals: GSM, 3G, 4G, CDMA and Wi-Fi. You can select one or multiple frequencies that would be filtered and make finding spyware considerably easier.2 main modes and 3 sound modes: fine tuning for a reliable protectionIn comparison to its analogs "BugHunter Professional BH-03 Expert" has a wide choice of modes of operation. Main modes allow to search for analog and digital bugs and to guard the room, while sound modes help finding spyware through audio signals.Main modes of operationSearch. It is enabled by default. OLED display shows graphics of signal levels: maximum values and averaged values for 3 seconds and 45 seconds (in the form of three separate blocks of 15 seconds). Digital "bugs" can be found in the chart of maximum values, and analog "bugs" appear in the chart of averaged values.Security. Turn on "Security" mode if you need to have constant control of the situation, during negotiations for example. The device keeps scanning the space in this mode. It will alarm you if any wireless "bug" or hidden transmitting cell phone appears.Sound modesFeedback. "Feedback" mode is used for searching hidden microphones (wireless "bugs") operating in analog mode. This allows the wireless "bug" to capture the sound emitted by the device, and broadcast it. The radio signal is detected and increased by the device, so the circle closes up – and the device produces a characteristic "whistle." "Feedback" mode is the most accurate method of "bug" detection, it reduces search time.Acoustic indication. In this mode graphic indication is complemented by acoustic indication. A speaker emits sound signals and their frequency inform about power of detected devices (more often the sound, the higher power).Mute. This is excellent operating mode for those who do not want to draw attention. All sound signals are turned off, including the sound of setting up and pressing the keys. However, in this mode you can also conduct a search, without looking at the screen by setting on vibration signal.During the search display shows averaged (pos. 1) and maximum (pos. 2) values of received signals. Display also shows the frequency (pos. 3), chosen sensitivity level (pos. 4), power of currently received signal (pos. 5) and a threshold for activation of vibration signal (pos. 6)Device additionally displays filter status (on or off, pos. 7), vibration signal status (on or off, pos. 8), current sound mode (pos. 9), current mode of operation (pos. 10) and a power indicator (pos. 11).To start the search just turn on the device!No need for adjusting settings — search mode is enabled by default and is searching for digital and analog bugs at the same time. During the search our specialists recommend to priorities furniture, suspended ceiling, cracks in walls, decorative items, radiators etc. Keep the device 50 cm from the investigated area. When detecting increased level of signal you should check the area more attentively. By adjusting sensitivity you can determine the location of found signal. If found bug is analog you can set device to acoustic indication mode to make the search easier.Important! Do not stop the search if you found a bug. Check the premises, it can have a lot more spyware of different kinds (microphones, cameras). Only after complete check you can put the device in "guard" mode. Device will continue scanning the area and will notify you if a bug was not active during the search and was activated later.Important! If the room has too much interference, disable the sources and/or enable filters. This way you will be ab..

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BugHunter Dvideo Nano

 i4Technology Camera detector BugHunter Dvideo NanoPackage contents: Camera detector BugHunter Dvideo Nano; English manual; warranty card; package.Camera detector BugHunter Dvideo Nano is packed with EU plug. English Manual (hardcopy & pdf). VAT, UK stock, Official Distributor, International Delivery...

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BugHunter Micro

i4Technology Microphone suppressor BugHunter BDA-2Package contents: Signal detector BugHunter Micro; English manual; warranty card; package.Signal detector BugHunter Micro is packed with EU plug. English Manual (hardcopy & pdf). VAT, UK stock, Official Distributor, International Delivery...

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