SP1 Champion

SP1 Champion

DOD Champion SP1


- 10x High Speed GPS antenna (the world first 10Hz GPS Dashcam)
- Acceleration Times (0-100km/h,100-200km/h,60-250km/h,0-60mph,0-120mph)
- Speed units can be easy change to mph or km/h in the camera menu
- Braking Distance(100-0km/h,60-0mph)
- Lap Timer
- ¼ Mile Timer (0-400 m)
- Hot Key for Racing Mode (shortcut for this button can be setup in the camera menu
- Path Analysis
- DOD GPS Player V2.0
- Auto Fat32 Format for memory cards microSDXC 64GB (no PC required)
*Sandisk memory card 64/128GB is not recommended.

 What's in the box?

    DOD Champion SP1 Vehicle Recorder
    Vehicle Power Charger 12-24V (4m Length)
    Suction Cup Bracket
    Adhesive Bracket
    User Manual - See more at: http://koonlung.co.uk/DOD-Champion-SP1#sthash.WZAbwSu0.dpuf

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