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SOEKS 01M DOSIMETER GENERATION 2 - GEIGER COUNTER RADIATION DETECTOR The SOEKS 01 M dosimeter is meant to detect radioactive objects, air, water, food products. Main advantages of this device are the following: Easy to use, compact and light device. Thanks to its simple interface, it may be used even by a child. The device will suggest by itself which radiation values are dangerous and which are safe. Fully functional. The dosimeter allows for the measuring of both cumulative dose and background radiation. It is also provided with the "Search" function. The device is made of Soft-touch high. 500 hours of non-stop operation from full charge of the batteries. Interface and instruction for use of the dosimeter are in English language. EU Certification, VAT, UK Stock, Support and Warranty.Box contents: Soeks 01M Dosimeter unit, user manual, batteries are not included (postage restricted item).SOEKS 01M SPECIAL FEATURESSOEKS 01M is the most popular household dosimeter in the world. Upgraded version of SOEKS Defender. It inherited from its predecessor a bright colour display and compact size. Functionality, ease of use and affordable price have made it the absolute bestseller in Russia, Japan, Germany and the USA. After Fukushima accident when the problem of personal radiation safety presented itself as never before, user-friendly and affordable 01M dosimeters became very popular. Soeks 01M is available to users without special expertise - its interface is so simple that even a child can measure radiation. To start work you just need to turn the device on - the measuring radiation process runs automatically...

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