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Bughunter BDA-3 Extension speaker

Additional external ultrasonic speaker for BugHunter BDA-3External ultrasonic speaker for microphone jammer "BugHunter DAudio bda-3 Voices". Being used together with the device it lets organize a more effective system which protects your conversations from recording by directing sources of ultrasound from different directions. The speaker is equipped with 4 ultrasonic transducers and connects to device via mini-jack 3,5 mm port, up to two speakers can be connected to one jammer by using a splitter. Device is powered from 110/220V power source via an adaptor (included).You can increase effectiveness of "BugHunter DAudio bda-3 Voices" in silent mode by connecting one or two additional ultrasonic speakers.Super-effective ultrasonic jamming system "BugHunter DAudio bda-3 Voices" with additional ultrasonic speakersIf you already have a microphone jammer "BugHunter DAudio bda-3 Voices" or you plan on getting one, we recommend to add one or two ultrasonic speakers to it. By paying a little extra, you will be able to protect your meeting room from spyware more reliably. By itself the jammer offers protection directly in front of you and additional speakers generate interference from other sides. In this case ultrasonic interference becomes denser and more effective at jamming spyware.It is better to place external speakers in a way so that ultrasonic interference would cover all possible locations of spyware.Using additional ultrasonic speakers is more economical in cost than using two or three "BugHunter DAudio bda-3 Voices" jammers and a lot more efficient than buying expensive jammers with a large number of transducers pointed in one direction. You need to consider that with every meter distance, power of ultrasonic interference decreases by 2-3 times, that's why bulky analogues with "50 unidirectional transducers" won't create the result you expect. All these are not allegations but facts verified by experiments.How to correctly place ultrasonic speakers.Depending on the size of your room and location of people you are talking to, you might require one or two additional ultrasonic speakers. We suggest only some of the possible layouts on the base of which you can determine what places work best in your case.If you have only one speaker place it under the table…Or point the side with transducers towards the other person while the jammer itself will be lying on the table in front of you.When using two speakers, usually one speaker is placed under the table and other one is placed on the wall or shelf.To connect 2 speakers to a single device, purchase this cheap splitter for 2 mini-jacks 3,5 mmSpecifications:Connection typemini-jack 3,5 mmOverall dimensions95х55х23 mm (3,7x2,1x0,9 inches)Weight (without adapter)80 gr (2.8 oz)External source of power supply12 VPower consumptionUp to 0,25 АSound pressure level (at 1 m distance from the device), dBNot less than 120Package contents:additional ultrasonic speaker for "BugHunter DAudio bda-3 Voices" microphone jammer;power adapter for 110/220V power supply;individual packaging.English User Manual...

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