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BugHunter BDA-2

i4Technology Microphone suppressor BugHunter BDA-2Microphone supressorBugHunter BDA-2  I4TechnologyExposure+voice imitation 100% jamming.5 ultrasonic transducers and powerful speaker.Absolutely soundless operation possible.Jamming range up to max — 7 m, super effective — 2 m.Very powerful emission — up to 120 dB.Able to plug external speakers for big rooms.Detailed english manual included.Upgraded dictaphone suppressor BugHunter BDA-2 (2018 model) — new improved ultrasound pattern modulation and a renewed casing body.The device is designed to protect conversations areas from eavesdropping. Device blocks wireless microphones, tape recorders, hard-wired microphones and most of professional digital tape recorders including tape recorders installed in mobile phones (smartphones). Ultrasonic inaudible noise signal as well as acoustic speech-like noise signal are used in jamming the eavesdropping devices.Products detailsBugHunter BDA-2Dimensions, mm150 x 92 x 28Device weight with batteries, kg0.27Internal source of power supply, V12External source of power supply, V15Effective (maximum) range of jamming the eavesdropping devices, mup to 7Effective (optimal) range of jamming the eavesdropping devices, m2Sound pressure level at 1 m distance from the device, dBup to 120Batteries capacity, mAh1200Package contents:Hidden microphone jammer "BugHunter BDA-2"EU Battery chargerEnglish manualOperationThe device should be placed so that the transducers be directed towards possible location of eavesdropping devices (tape recorders, microphone, "bugs" etc.), for example, toward the new visitors or clients. The optimal distance from the transducers to microphone of the eavesdropping device is up to 2 meters. For maximum protection it is recommended to use two or more devices placed at different locations.Then switch ON the device and adjust the volume of the acoustic speech-like signal so that you can still hear the person you are talking to. You should hold conversation in a low voice but so that you hear well each other without repeating every word. Use TURBO mode for more effective jamming of the microphones.Do not switch on the acoustic speech-like signal when you want the device to be hidden. Note that this is somewhat reduces the effectiveness of the device (the manufacturer cannot guarantee that if you use only one ultrasonic signal the device will jam all tape recorders).It is recommended to connect the device to external speakers (e.g. computer) through the special jack in order to more effectively expose the acoustic speech-like signal in a large room. This will protect the large conversation area from eavesdropping as well as to prevent from eavesdropping by external directed microphones (such as laser).Products detailsBugHunter BDA-2Dimensions, mm150 x 92 x 28Device weight with batteries, kg0.27Internal source of power supply, V12External source of power supply, V15Effective (maximum) range of jamming the eavesdropping devices, mup to 7Effective (optimal) range of jamming the eavesdropping devices, m2Sound pressure level at 1 m distance from the device, dBup to 120Batteries capacity, mAh1200Package contents:Hidden microphone jammer "BugHunter BDA-2"EU Battery chargerEnglish manual..

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i4Technology Microphone suppressor BugHunter BDA-2 ULTRASONICNew model! Effective and absolutely silent microphone suppressor!The model is produced on the basis of the microphone suppressor "BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Voices", but has a completely redesigned system of suppression (specifically for concealed operation). It suppresses ANY devices with microphones: professional voice recorders, radio microphones, mobile phones, wired, wireless and directional microphones. The device turns on quickly by pressing one button and no adjustment is required. Supplied with the clutch bag made of genuine leather.The differences between "BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Ultrasonic" and its prototype "BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Voices":1) Absolutely silent operation. The new model is equipped with ultrasound transducers only and doesn't have built-in audio speaker for speech-like interference. Operating device does not reveal its work that allows you to use it unnoticed by others.2) There is no Turbo mode. "BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Ultrasonic" operates on a different frequency than "BDA-2 Voices" does, therefore, it does not require "Turbo" mode — it always suppresses eavesdropping devices with maximum effectiveness.3) Completely updated suppression system. The device generates completely different ultrasonic interference which is designed to suppress even the newest smartphones with moisture protection and noise cancellation. The interference signal is spread not only in front of the transducers, but also sidewise, that allows you to suppress dictaphones and smartphones located on the side of the device. Such system has no equivalents!Principle of operationThe device generates ultrasonic signal with a help of 5 built-in transducers. The frequency of ultrasound is set by the microcontroller and it changes in accordance with a specially developed algorithm for maximum suppression. Ultrasonic signal generated by the device affects the recording paths of eavesdropping devices (dictaphones, microphones of cell phones, etc.), so that they record only indistinct noise, making it impossible to distinguish any details of the conversation.The device has a jack for connecting external acoustic speakers. Speech-like interference is transmitted through the speakers thus defacing the meaning of the conversation. Therefore, eavesdropping devices record only unintelligible mumbling and it is physically impossible to restore the conversation. Speech-like interference is generated randomly, so you can not filter it even with a help of a special equipment.This complex protection ensures the highest possible reliability and confidentiality. Any spy devices with microphones (even the most expensive) turn into completely useless "toys", because they simply can not record necessary information. At the same time interference does not militate negotiations as ultrasonic signals are not perceived by the human ear and the volume of the speech-like signal is easily adjusted. You and your interlocutor will hear each other perfectly, but nobody will be able to overhear your conversation!Competitive advantages of microphone and dictaphone suppressor "BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Ultrasonic":1) Guaranteed protection. It suppresses most of the spy devices with microphones.The device is designed for mobile and inconspicuous use when only ultrasonic interference is used. It is able to suppress all types of microphones (smartphones, professional recorders like Soroka, Gnom, Edic, etc.) located in the action range of its transducers.2) High suppression power and action rangeThe device emits very powerful ultrasonic signal (not less than 120 dB). There are no equivalents that can compete in power and range with this device in the Russian market. It suppresses microphones at a distance of up to 7 m (23 ft). Most counterparts, especially Chinese ones, perform at least 2-3 times worse. In reality, this figure is even greater, though.The emission power of the device is so high that our experts do not recommend bringing its transducers close to the hearing organs in order to avoid injury.3) For the first time ever! Capability to suppress microphones located on the side of the suppressorThe suppressor generates not only a directed wave of ultrasound, but also a scattered wave that spreads to the sides of the transducers. It means that the interference signal will affect smartphones or dictaphones in the wider sector, capturing space on the side of the transducers. There is a high probability of suppressing spy devices which the suppressor is not directed to.4) Capability of connecting external acoustic speakers to protect large rooms and / or suppress directional microphonesYou can output speech-like interference to external speakers (such as computer speaker system) via the jack located on the front end of the device. This will help you to protect very large room from eavesdropping. In addition, external acoustics will make useless even directional microphones (for example, laser ones). This will save you money on the installation of special vibration window blinds.This video demonstrates the device's operation with external acoustic speakers6) Mobile and stationary useMicrophone, dictaphone suppressor "BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Ultrasonic" operates equally well from two power sources: 220 V power network (connection via the charger supplied) and built-in battery, with capacity of 2500 mAh. Its charge is enough for a few hours, what is very good for such a powerful device.Wherever you go, the suppressor will always be with you and will be able to protect you from the spies. When you have access to 220 V network, you may simply connect the device to it. Thus, the device can be portable and stationary depending on the circumstances.Bundled with handy leather clutch bagThis custom-made leather clutch bag is designed specifically to carry and operate our ultrasonic microphone suppressor BugHunter BDA-2 Ultrasonic. It provides secure protection from external impacts and allows to use the device completely invisibly to surrounding people.Locate BugHunter BDA-2 Ultrasonic inside the clutch bag with transducers directed at the edge with the net so that ultrasonic waves could be emitted without any hindrance. If the transducers are positioned correctly, it does not matter if the clutch is zipped or not.How to useAnyone, even a layman, can use the suppressor. It's very simple, no settings are required. You just need to point the suppressor's transducers in the direction of assumed eavesdropping devices, and turn it on by pressing the button located on the lower end of the device's housing. "BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Ultrasonic" starts operating immediately, protecting you from any microphones.Please, note that you can make the protection even more reliable, using several suppressors and directing them to eavesdropping devices from different sides. For instance, ultrasonic interference from a single suppressor "BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Ultrasonic" cannot be enough to suppress recording on smartphones with moisture protection (iPhone 8+, Samsung Galaxy S10, etc.). In this case, using two or more devices at the same time is the best solution.For maximum protection you can use two or more suppressorsBefore using the suppressor we recommend to:1. Check the battery level if the device is operating autonomously.2. Conduct a small test of the device performance. You can use the voice recorder on your cell phone for the test. Turn the suppresor on, point the transducers at the cell phone and start talking. Then listen to what the cell phone recorded. There should only be unintelligible noise on the recording. If so, the device performs properly.Quality assurance!The device is designed and manufactured by our employees. Our products are produced under complex five-stage quality control system, which guarantees full compliance of the products with the declared technical characteristics.Specifications:Dimensions155х95х31 mm (6,10x3,74x1,22 in)Weight300 g (10,58 oz)Powerbuilt-in battery with capacity of 2500 mAh; 3,7...4,2 VExternal chargerAC 220 V DC 5VSound pressure level at 1 m distance from the deviceup to 120 dBSuppression rangeoptimal — up to 2 m (6,56 ft);maximum — up to 7 m (22,97 ft)Suppression methodultrasonic interference + acoustic interference speech-like interference (only via external acoustic speakers)Operating temperature+5 to +55 °C (+41 to +131 °F)Relative humidity at 25 °C (77 °F)up to 98%Package contents:microphone suppressor "BugHunter DAudio bda-2 Ultrasonic";power adaptor;leather clutch bag;individual packaging;English manual...

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